School-based Programs

Sources of Strength Program

The target population for Sources of Strength Secondary are Middle and High School students in Dane County.

Sources of Strength is a highly effective program that harnesses young people as immensely powerful change agents within their school communities.  Adult advisors coordinate ongoing meetings and evidence-based prevention strategies that focus on Hope, Help, Strength rather than shocking, traumatic, or sad messaging approaches.

Safety First Program: Real Drug Education for Teens

Safety First is meant for High School students. This curriculum is particularly relevant for students already using, for students at-risk for using, and/or for students living in communities in which there are high levels of drug use. The curriculum is designed to be used in classrooms or group settings.

Drug education should be:

  • Scientifically accurate, providing accurate information about all drugs.
  • Interactive
  • Compassionate, taking into account that some youth will have used and/or sold drugs – or have close friends and family members who have.

Educating and empowering teenagers to make safe and healthy choices must be our highest priority. For more information about the Safety First Program, click here.

Area school districts are planning to launch Sources of Strength and Safety First in classrooms this Fall. Interested in bringing these exciting programs to your school community? Contact Project Manager Leah at