Police ticket 45 for seat belt violations

Forty-five tickets were issued for seat belt violations by twelve Dane County law enforcement agencies during a county-wide education and enforcement effort March 17-27. This campaign was coordinated by the Law Enforcement Group of the Dane County Traffic Safety Commission (TSC) to remind the public of the risks and consequences of not wearing seat belts.

While specifically watching for drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts, law enforcement officers made 509 traffic stops. In addition to the seat belt violations, the officers issued 150 citations or warnings for speeding. Two persons were arrested for OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated). Other citations were issued for driving without a license or other unrelated violations.

“This campaign is about saving the lives of those not wearing seat belts, said Lt. Matt Wagner, Cottage Grove Police Department and co-chair of the TSC Law Enforcement Group. “Many driver behaviors put others on the road at risk, but buckling up is the single most effective way for drivers themselves to stay alive in a crash. It increases the likelihood that during a crash, those inside a vehicle stay inside the vehicle. Being ejected is almost always deadly.” He added that seat belts also are strong defense against impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers.

“We don’t want even one person to die or be seriously injured when it could have been prevented by the simple act of buckling up,” Lt. Wagner said.

Dane County Traffic Surveillance Results: March 17-27, 2024 (12 Law Enforcement Agencies)

  • 509 Traffic stops
  • 351 Citations, including:
    • 45 Seat belt citations
    • 69 Speed citations
    • 2 OWI arrests
  • 285 Warnings, including:
    • 81 Speed warnings