My Will to Complete Drug Abuse Treatment

My will and attitude In November of 2009 I was ready to change my life. I was tired of being dependent on the drugs, and my will and attitude carried me through. I was living in a small town in [...]

There is Hope for Anyone

I guess my story starts in a shack down on the river over 50 years ago. My father bought this house with land for $500. I remember if you dropped something you had to hurry and catch it otherwise [...]

Life of an Addict

This is my story. When I was a baby I was put up for adoption, I was the only child of three put up, therefore it caused me to have abandonment issues. I started drinking at a very young age, I [...]

Drugs Led Me to the Edge of Life

When I was 12 I started smoking cigarettes. To this day I still wish I hadn’t started. When I was 13 I met this friend who had other mates including drug dealers. One time we thought it would be [...]

Addiction Life

I started out just having fun with my friends drinking, smoking bud. Then things progressed slowly. I was around a lot of drug dealing and everything that comes with the really good and the [...]