An Online Resource for AODA Educators

Tier 2 strategies are interventions with small groups of people – this could be children that have a parent or sibling that is addicted, youth that are starting to make high risk choices or youth that need extra help with problem solving and refusal skills. Screening tools or assessment could be helpful with this group of students.

Tier 3 is for one-on-one interventions – this could be for students that are making frequent high risk choices or are addicted. Tier 3 could also be used with a student that is returning from treatment and needs additional support to stay sober.

Screening Tools

Summary of Screening Tools
Links to a variety of all kinds of screening tools – for AODA (addiction, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana opioids, oxyContin, Prescription Drugs, tobacco) and MENTAL HEALTH (stress, gambling, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, dating violence, bullying, anxiety, etc.). Created by Connecticut Clearinghouse.

UW-Madison Online Self-Assessment for Alcohol and Marijuana
This site is designed for college students to assess their level of risk as well as motivation for change, it could be used with HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS. The questions about their motivation for change are good questions to help a young person rethink their choices.

Online Alcohol Screening Survey
Gives individual confidential results based on their response to multiple questions as well as a list of treatment providers. If the respondent is UNDER 21, it only asks how many drinks at a time, in a week and the most drinks in the last month. IF you are OVER 21, then the questions incorporate the motivational interviewing approach. Could be good learning experience for students to complete it as a fictitious college student to get more meaningful feedback. Developed by Partnership for, Join Together & Boston Univ.

Motivational Interviewing

SAMHSA Overview on Motivational Interviewing
A good primer to understand what this approach entails and why it is effective.

Teen Intervene
Hazelden has developed an evidence-based program (Teen Intervene) that incorporates the BRIEF MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING approach for educators to use with HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. The program includes 3 sessions and can be purchased at this website. Can be used with a student who has an alcohol-related offense or making high-risk choices.

Online Motivational Interview Training
One site where you can purchase this online training.

UW-Madison Training for Adults on Motivational Interviewing
The Continuing Studies Dept. offers classes in Basic and Advanced Motivational Interviewing Techniques.

Intervention Education

Online Course for Middle School and High School Athlete
FREE online course – addresses alcohol, marijuana, steroids, prescription and heroin and athletic performance. Includes stories, facts, quiz and certificate of complete. Developed by John Underwood, Life of an Athlete and New Mexico. This course has been used for all student athletes as well as for students that have an alcohol-related violation

Prime for Life
This is a research-based education program that has been developed for teens as well as a program for adults who have been cited for an alcohol-related offense.

Resources for Addicted Teens & Their Parents

Parent Addiction Network
This comprehensive informational site addresses just about any aspect of dealing with the addiction of a child – from signs and symptoms to a list of treatment providers to understanding the court system. Many resources are specific to Dane Co. but others are relevant to anyone that is dealing with the addiction of a child.

Recovery School
Madison school for Recovering Teens – Horizon High School