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Looking for a good resource to share with parents? Looking for a good resource to include in a presentation YOU are making to parents? Looking for some good resources to include on the your schools website for parents? Check out what is listed here…

Materials from 2/10 Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Training Class

PowerPoint for Parent Education

Tips for Parents

Parent Review Information-For Use During Training 

Parent Notes Handout-For Use During Training 

Education Criteria

Parent Addiction Network
This comprehensive informational site addresses just about any aspect of dealing with the addiction of a child – from signs and symptoms to a list of treatment providers to understanding the court system. Many resources are specific to Dane Co. but others are relevant to anyone that is dealing with the addiction of a child.

NIDA for Teens Site
This site has a page just for parents – in English and Spanish, fact sheets, videos and more. Deals with a variety of drugs. A good place to start if you’re looking for a good resource for parents. Definitely, put this link on your district webpage for parents.

WebMD – Teens Hiding Drugs
WebMD – Cough Medicine Abuse
WebMD has numerous videos for parents. These 2 are most relevant to this topic: Hiding Drugs in Plain Sight – less than 4-minute video made by a teen telling parents how teens misuse and hide prescription and over the counter drugs. The second link is also for PARENTS on cough medicine abuse. A unique opportunity to learn from the expert, the teens themselves.

Prepared by the Partnership at Drug, the Parent Toolkit offers tips for raising drug-free kids. Available en Espanol.

A Parents Guide to the Teen Brain
This 4-5 minute video with Dr. Ken Winters, an expert on adolescence, explains how the teen brain develops and how that makes them more at risk to experiment with drugs. Developed by the Partnership at

Brain Imaging & Meth Video
This 6 minute HBO video that shows brain imaging of a person that is using meth. Could be shown to understand why addiction is now referred to as a brain disease.

Dept. of Justice Fly Effect
This site was created by DOJ specifically to address heroin. It includes an informational power point designed for adults. It also includes fact sheets and a series of short videos by teens as well as parents about heroin addiction.

Brain Scans of Drug Users
This page shows the impact of a variety of drugs on the brain. It can help people understand why addiction is a brain disease.

Prescription for Disaster
Excellent overview with photos of the different drugs as an identification guide. 52 pages but can be ordered for free from DEA website

which is a free educational program developed by Partnership for

Parents You Matter
This site has a wealth of information for presentation to parents as well as resources. You must register to access the powerpoint as well as all the other free materials. Everything is there for someone who is addressing parent education about alcohol, other drugs.

Padres 360
All the same materials as Parent 360 described above but in Spanish.

Grandparents 360
This site has a 44 slide power point, including some short videos, specific for presentations to GRANDPARENTS. Addresses ALCOHOL, DRUGS, AND PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. There’s a youtube video on how to download the zip and you can also download a 21-page booklet for grandparents.

Meth 360
This site is specific to METHAMPHETAMINES. It includes a power point and various supportive materials. There is a 45 min. online training for facilitators. You must register in advance to access the materials on this website. The second link has five narrated slide casts (each about 5 min.) that address specific elements of the meth problem.

Latinos 360
Same at the Meth 360 described above but in Spanish.

Parents360 Rx
Pact360 Rx, developed by Partnership at Drug-Free, is specific for PARENTS and addresses PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Includes a 10 min. video (can download or access from the internet), discussion guides and 5 one page handouts appropriate for parents. Additional handouts are Tip sheets & Fact Sheets. Also has an online evaluation survey for participants and for the presenter.