An Online Resource for AODA Educators

Data From Public Health Madison-Dane Co.
PowerPoint Presentation from 12/18/14 Educator Prevention Network Training (PDF)

Dane Co. Youth Assessment 2012
Comprehensive results for 2012 – Link to Summary report, middle school results and high school results

Dane Co. Public Health Data
One of the best places to get current and local data re: drug poisonings and overdoses

WI Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Information about the online Youth Risk Behavior Survey available through DPI; includes explanation of process, templates for parental permission forms and FAQ.

WI Epidemiological Report
This 2012 report includes important AODA facts for each county and the state and compares us with national data. A useful resource for any grant applications or for health occupations class.

Burden of Excessive Alcohol Use in WI
This 2013 report calculates the incredible cost of WI culture of alcohol abuse. Could be used in statistics class, Social Problems or for grant applications.

Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse in WI
This 2012 report outlines multiple evidence-based strategies to reduce prescription drug abuse in WI. Includes multiple policy initiatives. Useful for those looking for a comprehensive approach.

Alcohol Culture and Environment (ACE) Report for WI
This 2010 report outlines evidence-based practices to reduce WI culture of alcohol abuse. Includes a chapter specific to educational institutions. Primary focus in on environmental strategies. Useful for those looking for a comprehensive approach.

WI Report on Adverse Childhood Experiences
This report for WI has documented the relationship between adults and early childhood trauma (including AODA abuse). Provides a strong case for prevention and early intervention. Based on the 2010 Behavior Risk Factor Survey.

PACT 360 State Trends
PACT 360 has a page for each state that links to some of the most recent data on prescription drug abuse as well as identifies some state resources. This is state, not local data but could be helpful for comparison purposes.

WI Heroin Trends
Dept. of Justice’s site that gives heroin cases for each county in WI in 2013 as well as cumulative data for three year trends.

National Youth Survey Results
Monitoring the Future (Univ. of MI) has been surveying U.S.A. youth re: their drug use since 1975. This is probably the best place to get trend information on youth drug use.

Video on Monitoring the Future 2013 Results
2.5 min. video with NIDA Director re: 2013 Monitoring the Future highlights – could be used for inservice with health teachers

TV News Coverage of Cost of Drinking in WI
Two minute news coverage by Milwaukee TV station about the cost of drinking in WI Report referred to in above link.

This multi-part series by Milwaukee State Journal on the culture of drinking in WI. It was done in 2008 and revisited in 2009 but still has some pretty attention getting examples of how the alcohol culture in WI is so costly and harmful.