An Online Resource for AODA Educators


Why Scare Tactics Don’t Work
Research shows that increasing fear about drugs and alcohol without providing clear action steps can actually increase use. Too much fear can provide too simple of an action message. This booklet outlines the reasons that scare tactics (fear arousal) is an ineffective prevention strategy. Schools, coalitions, families, and anyone else interested in effective evidence-based drug prevention, will find this to be an invaluable resource. Link to site to order publication by Drug-Free Action Alliance. 

Emerging Trends
An excellent place to get the most up-to-date information about anything that is just emerging on the drug scene. You’ll want to bookmark this site as a place to get accurate information.

Slang Drug Terms and more
This site has LOTS of information about drugs, including an index of slang terms, policies state by state, etc. It can be a good place to learn about any emerging drug. It includes numerous resources on drug testing, in particular, to “beat” the drug test. Be a little skeptical about what is says about harmful effects. Included here because it is a site that many young people use. This site may be blocked by your school.

This site includes a pill identifier with visuals to identify prescription drugs, vitamins or over-the-counter medications. Includes information on any health related conditions or diseases.

Biology of Addiction
A brief summary of the biological basis of addiction that could be helpful to understand why it is a brain disease. Created by Univ. of Buffalo

Center for Disease Control
This site provides information about any health related topics including guidelines for School Health Programs to prevent tobacco use and addiction; the National Drug Control Survey; Drugs, Brains and Behavior- the Science of Addiction information; Commonly Abused Drugs; Commonly Abused Prescription Medications; Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse; Epidemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis; Strategies for Disease Prevention; Data and Surveillance Information.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
This site provides a variety of information including a toll-free helpline in Spanish and English. There is prevention information including videos, fact sheets, screening tools, brochures and guides, drug and alcohol fact sheets, drug and alcohol overview sheets, testimonials and resources for parents.

Search Institute
This website provides info on what kids need to succeed so provides a focus on the positive. The website includes numerous research articles. Has many great resources that can be purchased through their store. They also sell a comprehensive youth asset survey. There are resources for creating a positive culture, getting through crises, classroom tools, tools for mentoring teens, parent resources and how to motivate young people to strive and succeed.

Summary of NIDA website resources

NIDA Fact Sheets
Up to Date information on legal and illegal drugs. A good place to start to have accurate information.

Easy to Read Drug Facts
This NIDA site has a couple 2 minute and easy to understand videos about addiction as well as fact sheets on multiple drugs – in Spanish and English as well as audio.

Life of an Athlete
This is Wisconsin’s site for LIFE OF AN ATHLETE using the work by Olympic trainer, John Underwood. Resources here show the impact of drugs on athletic performance. It has been used for education teen athletes, their parents, and coaches.

Communication Lesson Plan
Lesson plan with all the supportive information from fact sheets to power point developed for teens by the Utah State Office of Education.  Lesson plans for other life skills included on this site.

A very comprehensive collection by experts on the teen brain and more to address just about any question on this topic.