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Meet Our Recovery Coaches

There for you during your road to recovery


meet our recovery coaches

Our coaches are either people in long term recovery from substance abuse and/or mental health issues, or have loved ones that have been affected by addiction or mental health issues. Each coach is trained though the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and Wisconsin Certified Peer Support Specialists.
Each coach has their own story and own reason for becoming someone that can be an advocate, peer and confidante for those looking for a path towards recovery.

Tanya K

Tanya Kraege

DPP Peer Provider Team Manager

I have worked for Safe Communities MDC, serving our community since 2017. This has by far been the employment that resonates with my favorite version of me.

I am so humbled and grateful to have met every person on their journey to wellness and work alongside partners whose interests align with those of creating well communities.

My hobbies are hanging with my kiddos, partner and family, reading books, playing volleyball and singing off key to music (all the time).

Kristina V

Kristina Vaccaro

DPP Peer Provider Team Supervisor

I have been with Safe Communities since 2017. I love my job and the people I get the honor to work alongside.

I am passionate about the recovery community and enjoy working with partners and community stakeholders to better outcomes for those working towards recovery.

My kids and husband mean the world to me and outside of work I enjoy spending time with them.

Davita W

Davita Walker

Aaniin (Hello) my name is DaVita P. Walker. I work with Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County. I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist & Recovery Coach.

I have an Associates’s degree in Human Services and Addiction Studies Certification. I am also a proud member of The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians. I sit on the African-American Opioid Coalition board.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering throughout our community for non-profit organizations and events.


Michelle Haumschild

Hello! My name is Michelle! I am the Jefferson County/CCS/MAARI team lead! I primarily work in the Jefferson County area.
I am a certified peer specialist and recovery coach. I have my associates degree in Human Services and Addiction Studies. I am also in the process of completing my bachelors in social work and obtaining my Substance Abuse Counselor – In Training license.
I am a person who enjoys the outdoors and sports. My favorite thing to do is some tasty food on my smoker. My favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and softball!


My name is Lily and I am a person in long-term recovery and also have personal experience struggling with mental health. 

I have been with Safe Communities since 2023. I work as a recovery coach with folks in the community who struggle with substance use and mental health. I am so passionate about working with the community to let them know there is a brighter tomorrow and they can succeed no matter what. There is nothing greater than watching the light come back on in someone who has struggled for so long.

Outside of work I like to stay active and play pretty much any sport. I love to swim and lay out in the sun when it’s warm. I am also a rugby coach. In the winter I enjoy cozying up with a good book and hot chocolate but I also love to snowboard. 

Rebecca F

Rebecca Foss

My name is Rebecca, and I am a person in long-term recovery.

I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist and work with people who struggle with substance use and mental health challenges to assist in making changes in their lives.

I have a passion for working with pregnant women and their babies, guiding them in their recovery process to experience better outcomes for both mom and baby. Grateful to be a part of the Safe Communities recovery coach team.

Imani Jackson

Hi all (: I’m Imani and I am a Certified Peer Specialist. I am a Black queer cis-gender woman. I am also a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, and friend. 
I have lived experience with chronic mental health challenges and navigating mental health and crisis systems here in Dane County, both as a youth and adult. It is because of the challenges that I’ve faced in my own recovery that I’m passionate about peer support work. 
What I’d like you to know is that I may not have been exactly where you are, but I have been somewhere and I want to share space with you & witness you on your journey. 
In my personal life I enjoy spending time with loved ones and pets, exploring my creative side, traveling, trying out new foods, places and experiences. My goal this year is to spend more time in nature.”

Dexter Lane

I have worked for Safe Communities since 2017. I’m so grateful to be a part of this team(family). I am constantly astonished by the selflessness of our team, and the resilience of the individuals we serve. Watching someone turn their life around is one of the most beautiful things I’ve had the privilege to witness.

I have been in recovery since November 2015. I enjoy traveling anywhere and anytime I get the opportunity. I love everything hockey! I play with a local league and never miss a Boston Bruins game! 


Lana Hamilton

My name is Lana Hamilton and I am honored to be a Recovery Coach/Certified Peer Specialist/Doula for Safe Communities since 2019.

I work in the Jail2Recovery, ED2Recovery, Comprehensive Community Services, and Pregnancy2Recovery programs. I am also a part of Madison’s new Addiction Resource Team.

I enjoy time with my family, biking, hiking, cooking, sewing, and my first time adding the joy of cats into my life.

joseph R

Joseph R. Galey

Wisconsin Certified peer support specialist/recovery coach with Safe Communities and UW Health Hub and Spoke program.

Since 2018, I have been providing support and resources to those struggling with substance use and mental health conditions.

Work interests are advocacy, policy, stigma training, harm reduction and being a panel member of UW ECHO ACCEPT.

Personal interests are Mycology, Microscopy, guitar, and animals.

Andrea Everett

My name is Drea and I am a  Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist. 

After being in active addiction for so long and finding recovery I always knew I wanted to give back. It is my passion to help people struggling in addiction and to show them that recovery is possible. 

Saving lives and helping people in addiction is what keeps me in recovery today, and I want to continue to spread hope and awareness to everyone I work with.

Jewel A

Jewel Adams

Hi, my name is Jewel Adams. My pronouns are she/her.

I have been in recovery since 08-24-2004. I have been with Safe Communities since August of 2018. My passion is helping others and my hobby is dancing.

My favorite part about my job is knowing I can make a difference in another persons life when I show up for them!

Dani Miller

Hi! My name is Dani Miller, and I am a Certified Peer Specialist and Narcan trainer. I have been in long term recovery since November 2019. However, my journey started several years prior as I would spend 8 years in and out of programs and treatment facilities, learning something a little different each time. When asked what has changed in this recovery, my answer is always service and community.

Although I personally work a 12-step program and am very active in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, I remain open minded to multiple-pathways that allow me to meet those that I work with professionally where they are at. My goal is always to provide support while striving for improvement in the quality of life.

My life is not always service and community though, I am a mother of three and an avid basketball player/fan. Most would say I’m a fish because during the warmer months, I practically live in the water! Today, I often get to enjoy a life I am no longer trying to escape and hopefully planting some seeds along the way to help others do the same!

Holly Chialda

Holly Chialda

Hello! I’m Holly.  I’m a Certified Peer Support Specialist & Recovery Coach.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to walk beside those who are struggling with addiction and mental health to help them find their path to recovery. 

 I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, walking and singing random songs. 

Kaeden Watford

My name is Kaeden, and I am a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist. Having a Recovery Coach was so important in my own recovery and I am honored to be able to use my own life experience to give back what was given to me. Giving back to my community is a very important value of mine, as well as being able to help people who have similar struggles I have overcome. Supporting others’ recovery is an essential foundation for my own recovery.


Andrew Mullen

My name is Andrew and I am a Recovery Coach and Peer Support Specialist.

Some of my interests are Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality.

I enjoy Traveling, Art and to support others by sharing my lived experience.

Timica Green

My name is Timica Green. I am a Peer Support Specialist/Recovery Coach. I’m so happy to be a part of this community to give back and help others on their journey, As I had help and support on my path. I know this is where I’m supposed to be. This has been a dream of mine spoken into existence.

Brad Pitzner

Hi, my name is Brad, Recovery Coach/Certified Peer Specialist, mainly working in the Jefferson County area and Jail2Recovery in Dane and Jefferson counties.

I’ve been in my present recovery since December of 2018. I have lived experience with addiction, and depression. I want to give others hope, and experience the good feelings that happen in recovery.
Work with individuals that have had challenges with substance use and mental health. I am thankful to have this opportunity to give back and support individuals of all backgrounds. Every life is precious.
Personal interests include sports, music, volleyball, golf, and the outdoors. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.


our programs

woman in foreground looking upset trying to talk


Our aspiration is by sharing our strength and courage with other people who are struggling, we are able to emphatically support those seeking recovery in making changes in their lives. 

A spilled bottle of pills on a black background

African American Opioid Coalition

Our main focus is to improve the overall wellbeing of black families in Dane County.
To accomplish this goal, we focus on educating and raising awareness about the impact of opioid addiction in the African American Community.


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Treatment Key

Safe communities has complied a list of abbreviation definitions for finding the right treatment for you.

MAT: Medication for Addiction Treatment.
OP: Outpatient Treatment – person lives at home or in the community, attends. individual and group therapy, these can include or not include MAT.
IOP: Intensive Outpatient Treatment – person lives at home or in the community, attends individual and extended groups, 9-12 hours a week.
Residential: person lives at the facility for a period of at least 14 days, some last as many as 45 days.
PHP: Partial Hospitalization Program is a structured mental health treatment program that runs for several hours each day, three to five days per week.
DBT: Dialectical behavior therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that integrates mindfulness techniques.