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Parent Support – Self-Care, Help, and Hope

Parent Addiction Network has decided to focus efforts for 2017 by developing work groups for high demand areas of change. Please read work group descriptions below and email us if you would like to get involved! We are always looking for more members to join our efforts.

#1) Hub and Spoke

Parent Addiction Network is advocating for a centralized substance abuse crisis center where people and their loved ones can go to receive support, be assessed, detox, begin medication assisted treatment, and be referred to already established treatment providers at outlying facilities. They Hub, Substance Abuse Crisis Center, would ideally be a centralized location within Dane County that community professionals could also utilize and refer clients too.  This work group is currently seeking funding opportunities and similar models to get the project underway.

#2) Prevention & Protective Factors

Prevention: Parent Addiction Network has decided to dedicated a work group to develop school-based, evidence-based prevention initiatives. Parent’s will then be advocating to school boards and attending AODA school meetings.

Protective: As part of this work group, Parent’s will also be advocating for prevention, early intervention, and treatment that focuses on increasing evidence-based strengths in people.

# 3) Parent/Community Member Warmline

Members of Parent Addiction Network have often identified not knowing where to turn for resources or finding someone to talk to how would understand their situation. As a result, Parent Addiction Network has decided to explore the possibility of a Parent Warmline. The Warmline would serve as a resource for parent’s or family members of a loved one dealing with addiction to connect to community resources or a number they can call and share their story.



We host this website, we are an email distribution list and we are a group that meets monthly to network and work for change.

If you would like to be on our email distribution list and/or get involved in our activities, please contact Amanda, at Safe Communities, 608-441-3060, 608-441-3060 or e-mail: