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Parent Support – Self-Care, Help, and Hope

Many of us at Parent Addiction Network have found that participating in self-help groups and connecting with other parents in similar situations makes us stronger, healthier and more positive. Then, we are better able to function in a strong family support environment, a critical ingredient for successful treatment and recovery.

I consumed myself with my son’s addiction, and actually got sick. I neglected my other child and nearly lost my marriage. -Madison Parent

The best gift I gave to my son was accountability to solve his own problems. -Madison Parent

I had to stop blaming everyone else and look at my part in the drama. -Dane County Parent

I learned the 3 C’s of addiction: I didn’t cause it; I can’t control it; and I can’t cure it. This helped me to stop enabling that was key to our child’s recovery. -Madison Parent

There is no way to put a dollar amount on support group meetings. Parents that attend realize they are not alone, sharing their stories, resources and ideas, supporting each other and paying it forward to others – no insurance company will cover it, yet the impact is endless: Inspiration and Hope -Madison Parent

Addiction is a family disease – it may run in families and effect all of it’s members either directly or indirectly. Taking take of ourselves, as parents, is so important if we are to provide the best care for our child/children.  Support groups offer the opportunity to connect with others facing similar issues and share experiences. Many of us have found that by regularly attending a support group, we become a positive role-model for our children.  Family therapy may be helpful.

Local Support Groups and Information Referral

Support Groups and Information Referral, Dane County (pdf).  This one-page document, prepared by the Parent Addiction Network, lists the known groups and information referral services as of September 2014. Please help us keep this updated and complete.

Overdose Support Group – for people who have lost a loved one to an overdose.
Group will be resuming April 2018!
Email for more information. 

Support groups may be faith-based, provided by nonprofits in the County, affiliated with a 12-Step Program such as Al-Anon, NoAR-Anon or Families Anonymous, or provided by a treatment agency.  The above-referenced list does not include the latter.  Please see the Drug Treatment Directory, Dane County for additional counseling and family support options.

Some of us have found it helpful to attend open speaker meetings at the various greater Madison area AA clubhouses.  You can find a list of these meetings and other events at the clubhouse websites.  These clubhouses are for recovering alcoholics, addicts, their families and friends who are following the 12-step program.  They include the Fitchburg Serenity Club, Monona Serenity Club; Eastside Alano.



Connect to a community of parents dealing with substance use of a loved one.

Support group for parents

When a Child Dies from Drugs by Pat Wittberger. A popular book on the subject of coping with the loss of a child to a drug overdose.



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