A Project of Safe Communities and Recovery Coalition of Dane County

Welcome to Recovery Friendly Directory

This is a directory of local businesses that are supportive of the recovery community.  All businesses listed in the housing resources are willing to rent to people in recovery, even if they have a prior drug charge.  All the businesses listed in the employment resources are willing to hire people in recovery, even if they have a prior drug charge.  As a member of the recovery community, you can support this resource by asking your friends and family to shop at these businesses first. If you ever have an experience with a business listed that you feel is not recovery friendly, please contact us so that we can make it right.


A Madison and Dane County community where the only obstacle to recovery is deciding to quit and where people and businesses recognize recovery from substances as a strength.


The Recovery Friendly Directory intends to create and maintain a listing of Madison and Dane County-area businesses that support the de-stigmatization of being in recovery from substances by being willing to hire, work with, and lease to people in recovery. This is not only an asset for business owners and people in recovery but also improves our local economy.