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Dane county

Traffic Safety Commission

a coalition dedicated to improving traffic safety


Dane County Traffic Safety Commission

The Dane County Traffic Safety Commission (TSC) is a coalition of approximately fifty public and private organizations working together to monitor and improve traffic safety. The Commission partners with Safe Communities of Madison – Dane County, a non-profit organization, to expand county traffic safety initiatives.

The TSC meets the second Wednesday in January, April, July and October to review quarterly traffic crash data and explore strategies to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes. Local, county, and state organizations involved in traffic safety are invited to become members. The Commission makes recommendations for corrective actions to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), county board, county highway committee, or other branch of local government.


Statutory Responsibility

The Dane County TSC, like those in all Wisconsin counties, is mandated by state statute. Membership includes a minimum of nine members:

  1. County highway commissioner or designated representative
  2. Chief county traffic law enforcement officer (e.g., the County Sheriff) or designated representative
  3. A representative from the fields of education, medicine, and law
  4. Three representatives from WisDOT involved with law enforcement, highways, and highway safety

Additionally, representatives from county law enforcement organizations and special interest groups impacted by traffic safety are encouraged to become members.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office oversees the Traffic Safety Commission with the support of Safe Communities of Madison – Dane County. Co-chairs serve from both organizations.

Crash Data

A report on motor vehicle crashes involving driver, passenger, or pedestrian fatalities during the previous three months is presented in a closed session during every meeting. Representatives of law enforcement agencies provide information on location, time of day, nature of the crash, traffic patterns, and other factors that may have contributed, such as driver impairment, distracted driving, vehicle speed, roadway lighting, seatbelt/helmet use, or road conditions. Names of individuals involved in crashes remain confidential. In the event other sensitive information is shared, those attending the meeting sign a confidentiality agreement.

Commission members regularly review information provided on Community Maps, a free, public, online database of all police-reported motor vehicle crashes across the state from 2010 to the present and fatal crashes from 2001. Community Maps is hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory in collaboration with the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS).


Quick Links

Dane County Traffic Safety Commission


Commission Members:

  • AAA Wisconsin
  • AARP Wisconsin
  • American Family Children’s Hospital / Safe Kids
  • Belleville Police Department
  • Blue Mounds Police Department
  • CESA 2 Driver’s Education
  • Cottage Grove Police Department
  • Cross Plains Police Department
  • Dane County Court Commissioner
  • Dane County District Attorney’s Office
  • Dane County EMS
  • Dane County Highway and Transportation
  • Dane County Sheriff’s Office
  • DeForest Police Department
  • DeForest Public Works
  • Fitchburg Police Department
  • Fitchburg Public Works
  • Greater Madison MPO
  • LIUNA Wisconsin
  • Madison Metro Transit
  • Madison Municipal Court
  • Madison Police Department
  • Madison Traffic Engineering
  • Marshall Police Department
  • Maple Bluff Police Department
  • McFarland Police Department
  • Middleton Police Department
  • Monona Police Department
  • Mount Horeb Police Department
  • Oregon Police Department
  • Public Health Madison and Dane County
  • RSVP of Dane County
  • Safe Communities Madison-Dane County
  • Shorewood Hills Police Department
  • SSM Health
  • Stoughton Police Department
  • Sun Prairie Pedestrian Task Force
  • Sun Prairie Police Department
  • Sun Prairie Public Services
  • Town of Madison Police Department
  • UW Extension
  • UW Health Trauma Centers
  • UW Police Department
  • UW TOPS Laboratory
  • UW Transportation Services
  • Verona Police Department
  • Waunakee Police Department
  • Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project
  • Wisconsin Bike Federation
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation/Bureau of Traffic Safety
  • Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
  • Wisconsin State Capitol Police
  • Wisconsin State Patrol

Commission Contacts:

Sgt. Matt Meyer

Commission Co-chair
Dane Co. Sheriff's Office

(608) 284-6876


Cheryl Wittke

Commission Co-chair
Safe Communities Madison-Dane County

(608) 441-3060

Tom Duval

Injury Prevention Coordinator
Safe Communities Madison-Dane County

News and Updates

TSC Priority Workgroups

Rishelle Eithun, Co-chairSafe Kids/ UW Health Kids
Colleen Hoesly, Co-chairGreater Madison Metropolitan Planning Organization
Christine BerganCESA 2 Driver Education
Andi BillUW-Madison TOPS Lab
Maureen BusalacchiWisconsin Alcohol Policy Project
Kirsten FinnWisconsin Bike Fed
Heather GuentherDane County District Attorney’s Office
Ned HartwickFitchburg Police Department
Shaun HughesDeForest Police Department
Nick JarmuszAAA
Jeremy KlossWisDOT – Div.of State Patrol
Andrew McFaddenCity of Fitchburg
Matt MeyerDane County Sheriff’s Office
Jeremy NashCity of Madsion
Lt. Kim ReadyCross Plains Police Department
Joann SolbergAAA
Sergeant Adam ZochWisconsin State Patrol
Kayla Neuman, Co-chairWisconsin State Lab of Hygiene
Jessica Quamme, Co-chairMiddleton Police Department
Andi BillUW-Madison TOPS Lab
Felice Borisy-RudinWisconsin Alcohol Policy Project
Sam BrierCity of Madison Police Department
Maureen BusalacchiWisconsin Alcohol Policy Project
Julie A FoleyDane County District Attorney
Ali HeinritzCity of Madison Traffic Engineer
Sabra JonesSOFT Regional Toxicology Liaison
Jeremy KlossWisconsin DOT – Bureau of Traffic Safety
Matt MeyerDane County Sheriff’s Office
Amy MilesWisconsin State Lab
Brandon MortensonMadison Police Department
Ryan SheahanPublic Health Madison & Dane County
Emily ThompsonWisconsin Department of Justice
Doug VierckMount Horeb Police
Randy WiessingerWisconsin DOT – Bureau of Traffic Safety
Sergeant Adam ZochWisconsin State Patrol
Alexander Brown, Co-chairSun Prairie Public Services
Tracie Halvorsen, Co-chairSSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital
Andi BillUW-Madison TOPS Lab
Renee CallawayMadison Traffic Engineering
Rishelle EithunSafe Kids/ UW Health Kids
Jeremy KlossWisDOT – Bureau of Traffic Safety
Ben JohnSun Prairie Public Works
Claire ManceUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension – Dane County
Gabe MendezUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Adam SchleicherSun Prairie Public Services
Randy WiessingerWisconsin DOT – Bureau of Traffic Safety
Brian Chaney, Co-chairMonona Police Department
Stephanie Moreno, Co-chairWRTP/BIG STEP
Andi BillUW-Madison TOPS Lab
Stephanie Bradley WilsonCommon Wealth Development
Rishelle EithunSafe Kids/ UW Health Kids
Tony FioreMadison Police Department
Jeremy KlossWisconsin DOT – Bureau of Traffic Safety
Mary LaubyUW Health Adult Trauma
Lucretia Sullivan-WadeUW Carbone Cancer Center/UW School of Nursing
Emily ThompsonWisconsin Department of Justice


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Treatment Key

Safe communities has complied a list of abbreviation definitions for finding the right treatment for you.

MAT: Medication for Addiction Treatment.
OP: Outpatient Treatment – person lives at home or in the community, attends. individual and group therapy, these can include or not include MAT.
IOP: Intensive Outpatient Treatment – person lives at home or in the community, attends individual and extended groups, 9-12 hours a week.
Residential: person lives at the facility for a period of at least 14 days, some last as many as 45 days.
PHP: Partial Hospitalization Program is a structured mental health treatment program that runs for several hours each day, three to five days per week.
DBT: Dialectical behavior therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that integrates mindfulness techniques.