Dane County Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Tips

Safe Communities launches annual traffic safety campaigns thanks to much planning and input from many community members and traffic safety stakeholders. Neighborhoods, police departments, citizen groups, local transportation agencies, and interested citizens are invited to “plug into” these campaigns by organizing their own activities. Planning Kits for each of the campaigns include ideas for local projects, as well as sample newsletter articles and other resources. For each of these campaigns, the Safe Community Coalition raises funds, provides planning and logistical support, and coordinates media and public education efforts. If we can help support your activities to address these traffic safety issues, please let us know!


Safe Communities members came together in 2006 to improve bicycle safety in rural and urban areas of Dane County, thanks to a grant from Dane County and Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Two public service announcements with a share-the-road message were produced and aired as a result of the one-year project. You can view the PSAs below.

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The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW) is an excellent local bicycle safety resource for individuals and organizations. For more information about their projects and programs, check out their website at www.bfw.org.


Although roundabouts are a relatively new intersection treatment being used by Dane County communities, they offer many advantages to traditional intersections by providing safer and more efficient traffic flow than standard intersections. While there are no traffic signals or stop signs in roundabouts, the geometric design allows for slower traffic and reduced delays by converting all entering movements into right turns. Lives can be saved at intersections with roundabout treatments, as they are designed to improved traffic flow with lower speeds and fewer conflict points. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, roundabouts can reduce fatal crashes by 90 percent, injury crashes by 75 percent, pedestrian crashes by 30-40 percent and reduce bicycle crashes about 10 percent.

Safe Communities, with Fitchburg and Madison Police and Traffic Engineering Departments and Fitchburg FACTv in the lead, created a video and other resources to help area residents safely navigate roundabouts.  We hope they’re helpful!